Deemed A Success

Well, we finished our first ever Family Bible Week, I Can Make A Difference: Great Faith In Small Packages. We learned about three young people who made huge impacts in the lives of others and God's kingdom by simply doing the right thing. We had some visitors, and we pray that our congregation made an impact by doing the right thing and reaching out to our community. We want to thank everyone who made the effort to come out and worship and learn with us. Thank you to all of our members who had a hand in the entire process. A big, special thank you goes to Brother Jamie Helmick for coming and helping us through our first year. You are no longer Tony's friend, but all of ours. Everyone be on the lookout for details of next year's Family Bible Week. Until then, God bless you all.

We Are Coming Along

We hope people are checking out our new website. Please, look around. We would like to get all our members to register and log in. There are many things that can be used in the members section. If you are not a member of our congregation, we hope you will visit our website (and our physical location) often, as we will be adding sermons and things regularly. No offense to anyone, but if you are not currently attending with us, you will not be approved for an account on our site. (Some things just do not need to be public.) Everyone, members and non-members can subscribe to the various feeds on our site. If things work the way we hope, you will receive updates as things are added, sermons, news, calendar events, etc. As the title mentions, we are coming along with our website. However, it is still a work in progress as we continue to discover how it all works and all the capabilities that it has. We want to give a special thanks to Tammy Cecil and Wanda Emery for the time and effort they put in to getting our online directory uploaded. We really had NO idea how important the directory was to using this website until that was done. If you are not receiving emails, we would encourage you to get with Tammy, Wanda, or Mark to make certain your email address is up to date.

Our New Website

Welcome to our new website! Call it the cedarsower 2.0, if you will. Please, excuse the mess as we are working to get it all put together and learn the "ins and outs" of how to use it. We will be giving more attention to and keeping our website up to date than we have with the old website. With this site, we have MANY capabilities and tools to help us keep track of our interests and one another as members of God's family. A few examples are that we can keep attendance and track finances and work with the data more easily and efficiently, easily assign worship line-up duties and keep track of recent song lists, and have our members directory all online (for members' eyes only, of coarse).

We are very excited about this new change. We hope you are too. We need your help in the set-up process. We understand that not everyone in our congregation has computers and smartphones, but we need everyone who do have these things to get registered on our site. Those of you who are a little more tech savvy, please encourage and help others who aren't so much. The more people who are linked into our site, the more effective it will be. This will also help keep everyone "in the loop", as we will be keeping up with news, upcoming events, etc.

Again, welcome to the new cedarsower. Please pray for us that we get this fully functioning and use it as effectively as possible.